Has your favorite piece of sewn gear get damaged? Don't throw it out. Instead, take it to Johann's, and get it fixed.

Johann's offers a wide range of sewing repairs services. We've been doing this for years -- in fact its where all of our sewing services began. We bring our decades of experience and expertise to bear, providing you with pragmatic ideas on the best solutions for your repair.

Johann's: we make your best stuff work again.


Does your tent need a new door? Is that truck tarp just a few feet too short? Need that bag modified to fit a new tool? Let us help!

Johann's has been making gear alterations for over twenty years, so we bring decades of experience and individual attention to every project we undertake. Plus, we do it all on site, so your special item doesn't get lost in the bermuda triangle of send-away service.

So bring your alteration project to Johann's, and let us make your item work again, but better.

Design & Creation

Have an idea for a custom bag? Need a special tool harness for the workshop? Is your car unhappy unless the car cover is made to perfectly fit it and only it? Take your problem to Johann's, and let us build a solution.

Whatever your needs, Johann's expertise is there at your fingertips.

Gary A. Craghead, Principal Consultant

M-Sa 10-6 Pacific | Closed Sundays
12205 SW Hall Blvd. Tigard OR 97223-6210

503 620 1699